Dvdshrink & DVDD

I d/l these way back when. My win2000 got borked a little a few days ago and I am gonna have to re-install windows 2000. I was wondering if there was a way to keep my dvdshrink and dvd decrypter that I already have so that after re-installing win2k, I DON’T have to re-download those 2 progs.
I’m trying not to d/l anymore dvd ripping progs - don’t wanna be on any “downloaders list” anywhere - big brother or otherwise…

Can I just backup the folders that they are in, or is it more involved than that? I mean, when they are installed, does windows install files all over the #$%@ place - like the registry and other places… or are the programs self-contained in their folders?

or should I blow off using those 2 progs, and just start using clone/anydvd?

Find your installer files and back those up onto a CDR and then just re-install them.

I always keep mine, after the installations are done, I just drop them into the folders created by the installation. I’m hoping you keptthem and possibly did the same thing.

I just recently wiped WinXP and did a full re-install. That was how I got them back myself.

that’s a good idea, which I always said to myself “I should do that” but I don’t think I ever did… oh well.