DVDshrink deep analysis

I have just tried to backup a dvd (The office series 2), and deep analysis in dvdshrink 314 is greyed out, so im unable to choose it. I went ahead with the backup, but, it didnt play in my dvd writer, rom and stand alone, even though nero6 said it was completed.
Any ideas…


Deep analysis wont affect whether your DVD will play in your standalone… It merely increases the quality of the video by scanning the DVD for the best parts to compress…

You might be having a media issue…

I appreciate it wont stop the disc playing, thats obviously a cheap dvd issue, i was just wondering why deep analysis was greyed out, as it wasn`t a couple of days ago when i backed up some other discs.


Its probably greyed out because theres no compression needed… You can fit the entire DVD to your recordable without compressing anything…

Yeah, you could possibly be correct, but… I still have to adjust the compression for title/main movie/extras etc for it to go onto the disc.
Forgive my lack of knowledge, but i`m new to this.


I dont know how you can adjust the compression other than re-authoring the DVD…

u adjust the compression by using the sliders. deep analysis is also still offered even if no compression is needed.

PCthug: do u only have this problem with that one dvd? or all dvds?

I have only backed up about 3 or 4 DVDs so far, and all the previous ones allowed me to put a tick in the box for deep analysis, except for this one (which is the last one I have backed up), maybe i will know the answer when i come to back another one up.


i’m not sure i know what u’re referring to by “put a tick in the box.” after initially analyzing the dvd with dvdshrink, u’re supposed to go to File > Deep Analysis (or simply press the Analysis button). is that not working? there’s no box to tick (at least as far as i know) to do deep analysis.

You have to choose Custom Ratio, and then youll be able to change the compression settings…

Also, deep analysis wont work if you just choose backup and it doesnt need any compression, the box will remain shaded and unticked… If you still want to use it you have to go under File and choose Deep Analysis manually…

I did choose costom ratios, as the program had compressed the original dvd, but i wanted more comression on the titles/extras and not so much on the main movie to make that better quality.
The reason i posted this was because the first backup would not read in my dvd players (computer x2, and standalone x2), and i thought that a better copy using deep analysis may help. As it was, my second copy (still without DA) DID work, showing that it was the cheap DVDs i was using. But, i was still curious why DA wouldnt highlight. I must admit i didnt try to look for it elsewhere (under file), that may have allowed me to do it.
Thanks for your input so far guys.