DVDShrink crashing

Hope I’m in the right place, it’s been a while since I ventured in to software land.

LAtely Shrink has been crashing when I click “backup”. I think I can trace it to a recent Nero update, but that’s just a guess. I disabled “burn with Nero” and that sems to have stopped the crashes. The crash is a hard lockup of the entire IDE bus that requires a hard reboot to release, very unpleasant.

I also removed InCD and disabled all virtual drives with no help, only disabling Nero burning seems to help, but it may be too early to tell that for sure, as the problem sometimes resolves after reboot anyway. I always backup to a HD folder.


That problem is well documented on the Official Shrink forums. Make sure you have the latest Nero version.

Or use DVD Decrypter to burn.

This has only happened since recent Nero updates. (so of course I do have the latest version) I don’t use either one to burn from Shrink and have never touched that setting till now.

Where is this documented? I didn’t see it anywhere.

On the DVD Shrink forums

Shrink FAQ.


Computer crashing FAQ