DVDShrink compression question

I have the following configuration installed:

  • Norcent DWD840
  • DVDDecrypter 3.2
  • DVDShrink 3.1.5
    so far I have had no problem with above configuration, I’m just wondering how much compression can you do safely using DVDShrink? Is there any rule of thumb? Is there a problem if I compress a 9GB or above DVD to a 4.7GB? What’s a safe limit?

I depends on the movie itself, your viewing screen, and your own person taste.
A very general rule is 70%, but many movies look fine at 60% and some even do well at 50%.
Best to do the shrink and then look at it with PowerDVD before you burn.

Most movies, if I have to shrink more than 70%, I will strip away everything but the movie, then make a second disc with the extra features.

I assume you separate the movie and extra features to 2 DVDs when you do the backup in DVDShrink, if so is there a place which explains how you can safely doing the separation? I saw some posting saying that by deleting/separating files, it might cause problem when playing DVD in stand alone DVD player, sorry for the dumb question, I’m new to this so any info is helpful.

Just use re-author to get the main movie only.
Then shrink the entire disc again and manually set the compression on the main movie as low as you like, or even set it to still pictures. That leaves the menu and extras intact at low or no compression.

i was having trouble with backing up my DVD’s i set the size of a custom size of 4205 mg as i was having the back up play fine untill 45-1 hr then i was getting freezing so i read a post here and had said about changing the file size i chg it and evey one plays fine this is useing DVD Shrink custom setting and only backing up the main movie:D