DVDShrink... compile 5 video clips on 1 DVD

I try to compile 5 video clips from 5 differents DVD to one DVD using DVDShrink3 beta 5, but for the first 2 video clips from drive 1(open disk) and drive 2 (open file) it was OK but as soon as I removed the drive 2 to put the 3rd, 4th, 5th dvd on drive 2, what ever did previously on drive 2 will be lost…
Pls help how to compile 5 or more videoclips from differents dvd to one, specially for video karaoke song it’s nice to choose different song from different disk and combine in only one DVD so we don’t need to change disk…

never tried it before

but can’t you rip all episodes first to hdd and then add them to dvdshrink?