DVDshrink burning trouble/Question



Ok, Real Fast and Simple, I have only had 3 movies I Could’nt burn so far, Sean of the desad,house of flying daggers and just today I Could’nt burn Friday Night lights…

Each of these movies had an error message from DVDShrink, that it encountered a problem, everytime I tried to burn em I got to that picture of a Running guy or a guy who seems to look as if he is running!!! the encoding has STOPPED right there and dvdshrink stopped…

Should I install DVD Decryptor and try it, Will that allow me to burn THESE movies dvdshrink won’t?? Please give some insight and maybe tell me how to find/install dvd dycrypter…

Thasnks Counfused in Colorado





Thanks Ted. I figured that. I wanna find a SAFE copy to DownLoad and then understand how to use it, seeing its different then dvdshrink…

a Link to a SAFE/NEWEST version would be a Great start, can you or anyone help here??



Start here:http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/small_dvd_2_dvdr.cfm and you probably won’t find a “certified” or “safe” version, that is a generic warning from Windows. I think there are quite a few people with Decrypter on their pc, so I would not worry about it. Basically you would start with Decrypter, and rip the dvd to your harddrive,( I usually just rip all files) then after thats done, you can open up Shrink, and click on “open files” and point it to the folder you ripped the dvd to with decrypter, and carry on as you have in the past. Hope this helps.


Yes Pacman IT DID :slight_smile: So far so good, I Did exactly what you said, I did do it before reading your post and I think I just got lucky in getting the steps right by myself, I always fear venturing into the unknown, but you lear by trying I guess, right??? this time I may have got it right, :slight_smile: I hope…



http://www.dvdshrink.org/what.html http://www.dvdshrink.info/dvd-decrypter.php

Try these or search for Ghosters document on the topic. He also has a link in his signature that is very good that he wrote.


You can also use an ‘On-The_fly’ Decrypter like DVD43 to do the job. With DVD43 you don’t have to do the 2 step process, it just runs in the background and decrypts the DVD while shrink reads it.

Don’t get me wrong, I use DVD-Decrypter myself from time to time but since installing DVD43 I haven’t had to worry about copy protection schemes at all.


ok maybe i missed something, but i downloaded decrypter from dvddecrypter.com, is there something worng with that?




ok just checking, thanks! :slight_smile: