DVDShrink & AnyDVD & Nero - "The parameter is incorrect" Error! Please Help!

I am trying to copy Ripleys Game. I use DVDShrink & Nero 7. I get an error which says “Failed to read file “F:” The parameter is incorrect”.

I have tried to install AnyDVD after reading about the various protection methods and I have ran this in the background, but still get the same message.

I have copied loads of DVD’s and this is the first I have had this problem with.

Any ideas anone?

Thanks in advance…

Try DVDFab Decrypter (free) managed to get round a couple of difficult ones for me.


Try ripping the disc FIRST. This is sort of an ongoing problem with Recode/Shrink and AnyDVD. Drag the VIDEO_TS folder to your hard disk and THEN open it in Shrink/Recode. You’ll find there’s no problem.

HOWEVER that only helps for some titles. Ripley’s Game is an older title… easily several years old now. There’s no advanced protection so maybe it’s got an error on the disc? Try ripping it first anyway.

I think Recode has an option where you can select if you want to read via the file system or using sector reading. I would think that setting Recode to filesystem reading would have the same effect as your suggestion, and you don’t need to copy to the harddisk first. I don’t think Shrink has this option.

This is true.

I have my suspicions about what causes these errors, and I think it has something to do with Shrink requesting a sector “at random” (not really random, but also not sequential with the last sector it requested) from some other VOB which has different CSS keys from the current one, and which AnyDVD hasn’t prepared for yet. Then it gets impatient for AnyDVD to catch up, and generates a “read error” when in reality if it had a bigger timeout that wouldn’t happen.

Or SOMETHING like that, I’m sure it’s not JUST that, because Slysoft could have fixed THAT very easily. It’s probably a bit more complex.

But you’re right, selecting filesystem would fix this problem. I wasn’t aware that Recode had that option!

Tru, where is that option in Recode?

Open Recode click the (More) tab at the bottom then click the (Options) tab, now click on the (File I/O) tab at the top and use the dropdown menu to change the settings.

Hope this helps! (As I use CloneDVD, I haven’t tried this myself)