DVDshrink and True 5.1 AC3



I’m using dvdshrink/Nero to back up dvds. I’ve selected the 5.1 stream, but when I play the dvd, it is only in stereo. The dvd player says it is 5.1DD, but my receiver does not play the full 5.1 only stereo. Do I need the AC3 encoder for nero to get true 5.1? Thanks in advance.



All the DVDs you have backed up have the same issue?
Have you checked the audio setting of your DVD player (downmix off, for instance)?


Are you hooking your computer to your receiver??? If so how are you connecting it??


No I’m using a stand alone player connected to a Sony Receiver. This is the first disc I have burned. Just wanted to know if this was a common problem.



As long as you are using the digital output on you dvd player(coaxial or optical) and your reciever has DD decoding it should work. It could be just a setup problem on the receiver down mixing it to stereo.Check you reciever manual or your front panel if it has settings for surround sound options.


Maybe your dvd-player is down mixing the signal to stereo.
Check the manual for the correct settings.


I have a Sony player and a Sony amp. I get a blue light on the amp when it receives 5.1 audio. Do you have something similar?

Shrink doesn’t do anything to the audio so, it will be still 5.1 on the DVD.l


Do you get this problem with the original dvd disc? If so, it sounds like you don’t have the player and receiver hooked up with either a co-axial cable or an optical cable. If you are just using the red and white phono cables, it will only output in stereo.