DVDShrink and "Enable Burning with Nero" Problem

Ok so I have two computers. One I setup a while back just to rip my dvds. The second is my new computer. Both computers have the Same OS, both are using DVDShrink 3.2 and Both have Nero 7.7 OEM installed. When I attempt to re-author one of my discs on the old machine everything works fine and it will burn the disc with nero just fine.

When I try to do the same thing on the new computer, I get an error stating “Copy Protection Error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted”. Now If I go back on my new computer, and uncheck “Enable Burning with Nero”, eject and reinsert the DVD, the backup will work fine but will not burn the disc with Nero.

Both Computers have the same DVD-RW Drive, right down to the model #. (I bought 2 new ones to make sure the DVD-RW wasnt at fault). Any ideas on how to fix this setup? I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out the cause. Any Help is Appriciated.

Hi rusty ! you probably already tried ,but check preferences in working PC and match settings on non-working one…also uninstall both nero and shrink again and re-install Nero first then shrink,see if that helps…When you say" try to do same thing on new computer" does that mean re-author existing backup or new rip? you state that backup will work fine, is that a backup created on new PC???
Post a log…

Both attempts were done trying to re-author the original DVD. I have checked the settings in DVDShrink and Nero on both and both are identicle. One thing I should have mentioned is that I have AnyDVD running as well on both PC’s. Again the settings are the same as well as the version numbers. DVDShrink won’t read the DVD without AnyDVD Enabled. This shouldnt be a factor since its running on both computers. As to posting a log which log do you want? I’ll detail the steps that I take and where the error is…

I Start the computer, AnyDVD is already running at startup.
I put the DVD Disc in the computer, AnyDVD pops up saying it is scanning it.
I Open DVDShrink, click Open Disc and Select the DVD. It reads the structure of the DVD.

I Click Re-Author and select just the main movie.

I click Backup, and select the drive to back it up to.

It starts to read the DVD and then throws the error mentioned in the above post. Now when I do this on the old computer everything works just fine. Now the ONLY thing thats different about these computers, and I have yet to test this, is that the older computer does not have all of the recent windows updates. Its just a fresh install of Windows XP SP2. I don’t think that that would factor into this but I am going to make a copy fo the drive and test it out by updating the old computer with all of the available windows updates. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

I don’t use AnyDVD, AFAIK that is your problem most likely,Try DVDFAbDecrypter to rip then shrink…see if that helps…

Its not the problem as the same version is running on the old computer too and it works fine on that machine.

rusty wrote"Its not the problem as the same version is running on the old computer too and it works fine on that machine.

Hence my “most likely” cause…just trying to help…new PC has Win xp SP2, so uninstall AnyDVD or disable it and use diff. rip method,see if that works…you can always go back to ikes! AnyDVD…jm2cents…

Have you tried ImgBurn to burn with? I believe newer versions of Nero are ‘broken’ in their ability to burn directly from Shrink.

I used to have same problem, I was fedup but came across a solution that has never give me a problem. Use DvdShrink then DvdSanta to burn.