DVDshrink and DVD+r does it work?



I’ve been using memorex DVD+r media to backup DVD’s using DVDshrink 3.2…
they seem to play fine (when testing afterwards) on my PC, but when played on a home DVD player, it says something to the effect of not being able to recognize the media, and therefore won’t play. I seen somewhere that dvdshrink only works with DVD-r media, is this , or could this be the reason why it won’t play on a home system?

It works fine on my PC after I use dvdshrink and nero 6, burning with my:
Lite-On SOHW-1633s
DVD-R Record Speed: 8x
DVD-RW Rewrite Speed: 4x
DVD+R Record Speed: 16x
DVD+R Double Layer Record Speed: 2.4x
DVD+RW Rewrite Speed: 4x
CD Read Speed: 48x
CD-R Record Speed: 48x
CD-RW Rewrite Speed: 24x


Your problem is the player. Some do not work well with +R and bitsetting can solve this if your burner allows it.

See here for the Liteon tool:



Believe me your problem is with the media you are using and maybe the burn speed, its not with Shrink.Memorex is CMC-Mag. Try some Taiyo Yuden and see if that solves your problem.


agree :iagree:


what do you mean…when you say the above? I’m kinda new at this…as i just got my dvd burner two weeks ago…can you please explain in more detail?
also, all the other replyers…could you please be more detailish in your explanations/answers…


Your stand alone dvd player may not be capable of playing dvd+r, to me, there is nothing wrong with ur dvd burner or the media that u are using now. All that matters is that ur stand alone dvd player is a bit 2 old and that now it is not capable of playing +r because of some laser code.


ok…I also seen this post on another forum…

and I think I should of done further research on the DVD formats before
trying to burn copies of backups (my mistake).

Cause I asked my friend (whom I was helping backup her collection)
what brand name and model was her player, she assured me that it was bought last yr…and it was a toshiba…but I’m not sure of the model…so according to the above quoted other forum post…those players are experiencing problems…I only hope my friend ( a girl) will listen to what I have now found out, and accept it.


you can try looking up the model of the player here to see if it can shed some more light on what it should be capable of playing. i’m closing the poll because there’s no doubt that dvdshrink works with dvd+r.


ok, I was just wondering…if in fact dvdshrink worked for dvd+r…I really think that you should leave it up…at least we will actually see if it does,in fact, work for that format. Will you re-consider please, pulling it?
I realise that I have indeed, done SOME research on this matter, and thru that research, have come to somewhat of a conclusion…but I would really like to know via my poll what others have expereinced, with the dvd+r format concerning dvdshrink. That was my intention from the begginng. since this post, I have installed DVDFAB (latest version) and have had some luck with that software…so in my opinion as of now, I think DVDFAB is and overcomes dvdshrinks faults.


Dvdshrink has nothing to do with + or - discs. Shrink makes compatible ISOs and vob files for burning to whatever media you have. +R compatibility depends on your burner, and the playback machine.
I’ve only ever used +R media, with my ldw401s@811s drive, with great results in all my players, including my philips xbox drive. Of course, I use quality Ricoh jpn01 media, burned at 2.4x too…


so I assume that you sort of agree with the post on the other forum (persay)
that it depends on the player basically? I am using a Lite-On SOHW-1633s
and i have had no problem with it functioning correctly…with either format…that is why, I began this topic, to find out why my friends home dvd player had problems playing what I burned …on her player.


i won’t reopen the poll because i don’t want pointless speculation about whether or not dvdshrink works with dvd+r, which would inevitably lead to the spreading of misinformation. the simple fact is that dvdshrink “works” just fine with dvd+r. assuming you’re using quality media, your problems are almost certainly related to the player you’re using. if you haven’t looked up the player in the database i provided above, i’d suggest you do so.


If you are not willing to to accept the POSSIBILTY of dvdshrink not being able to correctly work with dvd+r media, and you know for a fact that you are correct. then what are you affraid of? Myself, I believe that my poll is NOT pointless ! I believe that is IS a possibilitly that it does not function correctly with DVD+r media…as it is believed to be, as per my research so far. I have learned that (correct me if I’m wrong) DVD-r media has been out much longer then DVD+r and it is more compatible with most, if not all dvd players. This is also why…DVD+r media sold in stores is much more cheaper then DVD-r, for this reason. If you are not affraid of this possibilty then re-open the poll…and we shall both be more enlighten to the truth. And for your info, I have used the database you provided…but if you will at least read the post on that other forum…it does matter also what player is used…as well. My friend has told me that she does have a toshiba…and that could be the problem…i won’t know for sure till i find out exactly what model it is. I’ll get back to this when i find out.


You are wasting time as you already know the answer to your question; your friend’s player DOES have a problem with non-bitset DVD +Rs. You should spend your time reading up on bitsetting and your Liteon so you can bitset all your +R discs.

There is no downside and once you do so you will be able to use these discs again. It does not matter what program you use to burn +R discs. Until you understand bitsetting you will continue to have problems.


The spread of misinformation. :doh:

He does know for a fact that Dvd Shrink does work correctly with Dvd +R media and that your poll is pointless.

Indeed, if you are unwilling to accept the correct explanation provided, being that your stand-alone player doesn’t like +R media (at least if not bitset), the entire thread is pointless and I’m closing it accordingly.


this is exactly why i said to use the database to search for the dvd player to see what other users have reported it to be capable of playing. i’ll reopen this thread, but please, no more discussion about whether or not dvdshrink works with dvd+r.

thanks for the help phil.


DVD Shrink doesn’t even perform the burning so there’s really no way it could be responsible for problems with DVD+R.

Edit: Oh, sorry AZImmortal.