DVDShrink and Deep Analysis?

I keep seeing people talk about Deep Analysis within DVDShrink. What exactly does deep analysis do? And how much of a better picture does it produce vs. not using it? Is there is a comparison available? Thanks.

although i don’t have a comparison available, it makes a significant difference in a lot of cases. deep analysis should practically be a default setting. it doesn’t take THAT much longer, and the results will be better.

For movies that are going to be compressed it makes a difference as it can allocate resources much better then going by the short analysis it makes when you first put the disc in.

Its only an extra 20 -30 mins so no biggy and worth it.

My apologies in advance for digging up this old thread and for this very newbie-ish question, but I’m new to the world of DVD transcoding (i.e., I haven’t done it before :o) and it’s all so overwhelming! :eek:

I’m leaning towards using Shrink because it’s freeware. The only large this-vs.-that comparison I’ve found is at dvd.box.sk, and they basically said that Shrink stinks and that InterVideo’s (veeery expensive) software is much better. However, they were using an old version of Shrink, and I’m seeing a lot of Shrink support here at CDF. So I’m guessing that as a result, it’ll be safe for me to disregard what dvd.box.sk says about Shrink being sub-par when compared to most other transcoders?

TIA! :slight_smile: