DVDShrink analying and encoding take too long!

Hi, I am using a 550 mzh computer. When dvd shrink analying or when it is endocing. It would take one and a half hour or Two. i was Just wondering if the speed of the processor is why my analying and encodeing takes that long? If not is there an other dvd compressor program which is faster? thanks for all of your help! :wink:

The long time is almost entirely due to you slow CPU speed. But DVD2One is quicker (but less options) than Shrink. It also only processes the DVD files on your HD so you must rip it to your HD first.

Hi Chickenman, do we Really have to do DeepAnalysis in Shrink…Is it Really Necessary…How much worse is the movie if we don’t do it…
I got a 1.2Mhz Athlon n it takes me about 2 hours…

how much worse it will be will depend on the movie. if you’re concerned about quality, use deep analysis.

That will vary from every person to person and from movie to movie, only you can answer if its worth the extra time or not for the extra quality you get. Personally. if the compression goes below 90% then I would use it.

another solution why you need this long might be because your DVD-Rom
has a rip-lock then you can’t read the disk faster than with 2000-2400kb’s/sec.

i never needed longer than 35min. for deep analyse and encoding with
shrink (the average is 25min.)

How can i get rid of the rip-lock?

I Installed AnyDVD disabled safe mode and restarted my computer

Then I started IV DVD copy and inserted a DVD into DVD Rom, DVD copy
replied This Disc is copy protected and can’t be processed

Then I inserted a not CSS protected disk and IV DVD has read the disk
like it should. (I haven’t copied this disk only let DVD copy recognizing it)

Now i inserted the first copy protected disk and IV DVD copy did no more
recognize it as copy protected.

Now I can close the application restart the computer and insert any copy
protected disk, they are no more recognized by DVD copy as protected.

AnyDVD works now again :slight_smile: