DVDShrink 3.2

Added Quality Settings tab in the backup dialog, with option
to enable AEC “adaptive error compensation” algorithms.

Updated to NeroSDK 1.05, which includes support for burning
DVD-9 dual-layer media. Added DVD-9 target size in preferences

Removed “burn with DVD Decrypter” checkbox and replaced with
a selectable backup target.

Added burn with CopyToDVD as a backup target, this appears if
CopyToDVD is installed.

Added automatic support for splitting ISO files if they are
saved to a FAT32 partition. In this case a .MDS file is
also output which can be burned with DVD Decrypter and mounted
by Daemon Tools. MDS files can additionally be opened with
DVD Shrink from the “Open Disc Image…” menu.

Added support for replacing a title with a custom image. A
default image from Guy Incognito is installed.

Added “InstallPath”, “InstallApp” and “InstallHelp” keys to
the DVD Shrink registry.

Added “March by ZeF69” toolbar.

Fixed bug where Panscan and Letterbox subpicture streams could
be erroneously discarded in some circumstances.

Fixed bug if volume label exceeded 32 characters.


Was just reading about the new quality settings. Although it will be slower, looks like it should beat the pants off the competition.

And at the price, there is nothing better.

i love the new quality mode
transcoded a dvd-9 to dvd 5…with out removing anything…it looked great… didn’t see it that good very often

I think the new quality features are a great benefit. I compressed a movie down to 52%, and it looked a lot better than with 3.17. No noticable pixelation.
I did however take almost 2 hours for the full Analysing and encoding process. I think this feature is great (AEC). :bow: to the authors of DVD Shrink, I defintely appreciate the new version.
I just had a question on the differences with the Sharp/Smooth features of AEC, what difference do they make. So far, I’ve just used the Sharp encoding.
Any other experiences with the new 3.2 version ?

Sometimes you can get a sort of “edginess” to the picture that some people find unpleasant. So I thing the "smooth"setting is for those folks. On a small screen, you probley won’t notice much difference.

My thinking is to use the quality settings only when compressing below 70%, but I suspect that it will depend on the bitrate of the original movie. I’ve never had any trouble with 60% rates on my 32" screen, but on a larger screen I’m sure it’s evident.

So 3.2 is supposed to take so long? :confused:

I backed up my DVD using 3.1, and the process only took 15 minutes. The next day I installed 3.2 and used the exact same settings, and it took half an hour.

I alternated between Sharp & Smooth, and couldn’t tell much difference (70.6% Quality). If 3.2 doubles the time taken, I’m sticking with 3.1.


Suggest you read the documentation in 3.2. If you turn off the quality setting, it takes the exact same amount of time. If you are compressing below 70%, using the quality settings is HIGHLY recommended.

hehe i dont like compressing anything below 80% but im a bit of a quality nut…and i have a 34 inch hdtv so it shows more than others. but ive done 75% with the new version and havent noticed any pixelization. :wink:

does AEC slow down a backup without compression? im hoping it wont so i dont have to unclick it all the time :iagree: