DVDShrink 3.2 will not burn (and whats a good media to use)

I tried my first movie with DVD Shrink 3.2 last night. I have been lucky because everything to this point was able to be done in DVDDecryter.

So I went to the backup step and it read the disc. Then I came back and the disc was ejected and the system was waiting for a blank DVD-R (Memorex brand). I put one it…it started to write the lead in…then I had some error message.

I dont remember the exact message but it was something like:

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: -
ahead WinASPI: File ‘C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\Wnaspi32.dll’: Ver=, size=160016 bytes, created 12/16/2003 2:18:04 PM
Nero API version:
Using interface version:
Installed in: C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero\
Application: ahead\Nero - Burning Rom
Recorder: <NU DVDRW DDW-082> Version: B370 - HA 1 TA 1 -
Adapter driver: <atapi> HA 1
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : default (0) -> ATAPI, detected: ATAPI

Anyway…is there anything I can do? I think I read somewhere to uncheck the “Burn with nero option”. If that is true then how do I burn it.

I was able to start Nero manually and burn a video disc of what Shrink saved to my hard drive. But I dont know if this is how it will have to get done going foward.

While Im posting…whats a good brand of DVD-R to purchase. I think I heard that Prodisk and Ritek are the best (for the price not like TY which are expensive).

I have been looking at Meritline, supermediastore and some other places. Ritek seems to always be on sale.

Any suggestions or comments?


IMHO Ritek is the best for the price. I personally prefer rima or newegg over the sites you listed though, they seem to have fewer customer service issues and the prices are about the same. :wink: TY are expensive but not as much as you might think. Check out the price on 8x TY DVD-R at www.rima.com right now. They are about the same price as memorex discs are when they are on sale and they are definitely higher quality. :wink: As for the error, DVD Shrink has the option to either burn with Nero or DVD Decrypter in ISO mode. It could be that somehow the two are conflicting at the moment (like you suggested).

thanks for the rima site.

I have ordered from Newegg before. Fast shipping and no problems. I heard that Meritline sometimes substitues “fake discs” (not the brand you paid for)

Yup, I won’t deal with anyone but rima or newegg. Just seen too many customer complaints and “shady” practices by the others.