Dvdshrink 3.2 & layer break?



Does Dvdshrink 3.2 have a problem with the layer break on large files?
The reason I ask is that some of my films have a slight blip in their playback in the second half of a movie.
I used Ifoedit on a large film to check (not change) the layer break and used shrink with no compression to backup to the harddrive and found that the mod used within Ifoedit (add 8 to the cell value) had already been carried out by shrink and no layer break exists when viewing the shrink result with Ifoedit.
Does anyone know the cause of my blips?
I am at a loss now to trace the fault so can someone help please.


could be your player?

that is what a friend tells me.
i have a samsung dvd s224 and it does this also on almost all of my backuped dvd copies.