DVDShrink 3.2 Audio questions



Hello guys,

I’ve copied a DVD with DVDShrink and took it to my friend’s house who has a home entertainment system and a 55 inch TV. Audio of the DVD was sort of quiet, we had to turn it up a lot. Also under DVD Shrink 3.2 Main Movie’s Audio: it shows AC3 2-ch English 3 times, can I uncheck 2 of them so I get less compression on the movie itself? How do I know which Audio goes where, or anything like that?


Check the audio tracks on your original with your DVD plaayer and see if there are any differencies between them (your DVD-player remote has an audio button to switch tracks). DVD-Shrink should just copy the tracks you select and you can deselect unwanted tracks if you want less video compression. But it is up to you to decide what you want to keep (maybe some fake or lower quality tracks were added to make it harder to copy). Normally I keep only the original language 5.1 audio track (my player doesn’t need any 2.0 tracks) and the subtitle of my native language (in my case Swedish).


I have a similar problem with the quiet audio. I think it may be related to just having the wrong audio streams, so maybe you guys could recommend the streams I need.
Do I need the 2 channel, or can I just use the 5.1?
OR what about the DTS streams?
I’m not interested in what languages I should keep, but the actual formats, if you guys could recmmend which ones to keep/explain the different streams so I can make my own educated decision.
I appreciate the help guys, this problem is really quite annoying.


just use the 5.1 it will also work just fine with 2 channel speakers. But keep in mind when copying full disc you need 2 channel audio for director’scomments.


So Keep director’s comments and ditch 2 channel. Do you think that may fix my issue?