DVDShrink Preview problem

In both the “Full Disk” and “Re-author” mode the preview screen displays the image upside down and backwards. Any solution?

How about some details of the movie you’re trying to backup?

is there an icon that appears in your system try when you have DVDShrinks preview loaded or whenever you play a VOB with Windows Media Player?

you can normally flip the image in one of the settings as the codec you are using is doing it :). I think one I’ve seen one which was the Divx G500 or something as it happened to me just recently

if you get hold of GSPOT (from HERE) and load a VOB it will tell you which codec it is using

I normally see this problem if the wrong codec is being used try installing a codec pack to resolve the situation.

Found the answer…
DVDShrink edit>Preferences>Preview tab>Change “Select DirectX video renderer” from
default setting to “Built-in software renderer.”

Thanks for the help though…