DVDSHIRNK/Lite-On 411/Copy Protection Error?

Ok this is wierd one to me. I have justed installed a Lite-On 411s dvd±r/±rw as a master drive to a Lite-On LTC-4816H cd-r/rw/dvd rom (slave). My problem is that when I try to read a dvd with “open disk” function in DVD Shrink I get the following error,…“DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue this operation. CDvdCSS:: Read Failed The reason is: Copy protection error-The read failed because the sector is encryped.”
But then when I put the DVD in the slave cd-r/dvd rom it functions perfectly and I can use DVD Shrink to write to my hard drive and then burn to my dvd burner. Can anyone tell me why my Lite-On 411 will not read and then my Lite-On cd-r/dvd rom will???

Have you set the region for the combo drive yet to that of the disc? In other words, have you played the disc in the combo drive yet?

Thank you very much for your reply dhc014. You were right, I hadnt set the region code yet by playing a dvd in the drive.
Wow the Lite-On 411s encodes through DVD Shrink much faster than my Lite-On cd-r/rw/dvd rom. Cdfreaks has the greatest members!!!
Thanx again for your help!