:sad: Got a question about Dvdsanta.
Hopefully some of you more knowledgeable dudes in here can put me right on this!.
When i copy a downloaded movie, which plays really well on my pc with Powerdvd, If i try to play it back after copying and burning it, the sound is really out of synch with the video.!!! Is it something im doing wrong or did i waste my money on buying it.????? Id really appreciate your comments and help on this one guys! :bow:
Thanks in advance.


Probably just unlucky with the movie you have used
try another as i have used dvdsanta a few times and its been ok
You sometimes get this with TMPGEnc also but i dont think its a fault of the program…


WinAVI (http://www.winavi.com/video-converter.htm) might be worth checking out.