DVDsanta VOB files

Is there any way to have DVD santa convert your video to 1 single VOB file instead of multiple VOB files?

I don’t know if DVD Santa is able to do that, but I can suggest you a two step method.

First burn on a rewritable disc your movie with separate VOBs, and then rip from rewritable with dvd decrypter setting options as showed in “file mode” tab, “IFO mode” tab, and “ISO read mode” tab.

In this way you should obtain a single large VOB file.

Just curiosity: why do you want a single large vob?

Because when I author in DVDlab (I like to make a title menu), I don’t like to link the vob’s together as seperate movies (they dont play back smoothly). I just realized that DVDlab has an option that joins them together, gonna try that now.