Dvdsanta + TMPGenc dvd author

i used dvdsanta to convert my avi eps into dvd format files. It burned fine with nero to dvd and will play in my stand alone player. I now want to go back and burn again, this time with menu’s and chapter selections. Is this something i can do with dvd author, or is there another program that will handle the authoring menus ?. thx for your help

Do you mean files that have already been through dvdsanta or do you mean future files…

yes, i have finished converting the avi files with dvdsanta and now want to add the menus. it plays fine, just doesnt have menus. it was my first time to burn, so i wanted to see if it would work, and now want to do it right… thx for the help

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to achieve, but yes, TMPGEnc DVD Author can be used for this.

I’ve done it three times on DVDs created by DVDSanta, where I just wanted better chapter control and menus.

Start a New Project and select Add DVD Video to load the movie from the DVD. There is an option to remove current chapter markers while loading.
It’s also best to copy the DVD to your hard drive before loading. Processing is much faster.

thx for the help… i got my menus for my dvd. wasnt the easiest thing or the quickest, but it looks good in the end. hopefully the next one will go easier…lol