Dvdsanta 3.45 (crashes since i upgraded to sp2)



hi guyz!!
i got dvdsant 3.45 and it has been working fine untill i installed the latest windows xp update from microsoft (i let them download then i install them when i want as i am usually upload/download and xp would restart when installed updates) now when i run dvdsanta it all runs i select the movie to convert then when i click on create dvd a few seconds later i get the message “dvdsanta has encountered a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience.”
please help me im sure it has something to do with the sp2 updates…
pc 2.6ghz p4
512 ram
200gb matrox hd
nvidia geforce 4 mx 44
windows xp home ps2


Which updated did you install and which file is making the app to crash ?


dunno , dvdsanta always caused a hangup on my system, so i never bothered to try it out anymore. It looked pretty crappy.


dvdsanta was a superb (if slow) dvd maker from all movie type files,so no its not crap
but as i sadi since the windows update it wont work,the update was the sp2 pack and latest servcurity updates from microsoft!!! how do i find which which file is causing the crash???
p.s it always seems that once you get ya pc working great microsoft update it and make it worse!!


No, MS Updates are normally precious patch, they were not ment to make it worse, but to fix holes/security issues/bugs.

Also, you can check by reading the log of the error report window. It’s probably calling a file protected by SP2 new security measures, which makes the app crash. You could debug it, but that takes more knowledge.


since i did the update:-
nero crashes
dvdsanta crashes
windows explorer crashes
windows mediaplayer crashes
these cannot all be a coincidence this must be something to do with the windows update as all were working fine how do i undo the updates please!!!
can someone help me please
many thanks


since i did the update to windows xp sp2 and added the latest updates :-
dvdsanta 3.45
windows media palyer 10
windows explorer
have all stopped working either giving me the “program not responding” or the “#### has encounterd a problem and needs to close. we are sorry for the inconvenience” message (#### the particular program im using)
come on guyz i cannot be the only person who has got this problem with the latest windows xp …
all these programs worked 100% before the update…
please help me to get them working or reset back to a stable xp before the update.


Like I said, you should probably contact the software developers by email/website, so they could issue an update for it. Ps: double post of yours…


please note!!! it has nothing to do with dvdsanta but everything to do with windows xp sp2 i have contacted microsoft but as of yet have not had an answer to the problem (what a suprise )


It’s up to the application developer to fix that…unless it’s a real core flaw, which I really doubt :slight_smile: just like it happened with Zone Alarm or Norton AV, they needed to be updated…


hey guyz!
just an update to let you know that i removed xp sp2 update and reverted back to windows xp and suprise suprise all 4 programs now run completely without fault!!!
come on microsoft get ya act together if you are gonna update xp at least tell us users how to get our programs to run on it!!!


I am using dvdsanta with sp2 installed with no problems
btw dvdsanta is quicker than TMPGEnc @ encoding although other things are not as good…
But its still a very good program and easy to use…
DVDSANTA 3.45 I believe is latest version so must be up to date…


The incompatibility issues is mentioned on KB at Microsoft. It’s up to you to choose security improvements or the incompatibility of 2 or 3 apps. I choose the first, and I haven’t had any problem so far :slight_smile:


hey guyz i got this e-mail from microsoft today:- which basically says they know of the problems and are trying to deal with this. i still will not add sp2 to my pc as this is causing too many problems

CASE_ID_NUM: SRZ050114001800

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Technical Support, my name is David and I will be dealing with your case.
To ensure you receive an accurate and prompt resolution,

Please try the following to restore your system to what it was like before SP2 was installed
click on your start menu
click Run
Type MSCONFIG and click ok
Then on the next screen select launch system restore
select restore your system to an earlier date or time.
Then select the date you wish to restore your system too.
Please select one from before service pack 2 was installed.
Click next or finish and your system should shutdown and restart, this may take a few minutes
This will delete any software that has been added since that date but should keep your data.

follow these steps before reinstalling.
Some hardware and software is not compatible with SP2. Many pc makers and program developers are still working to resolve emerging problems. Please check pc manufacturer’s web site for your system (model) specific information to avoid post-install frustration:


List of programs that may behave differently in Windows XP Service Pack 2.

  1. Make sure that you have at least 1.8 GB of free space (official Microsoft requirement). On the other hand, if 1.8 GB of free space is all you have, you may want to consider upgrading your hard drive first.

  2. Update antivirus and (third-party) firewall software to make them SP2 compatible.

  3. Scan computer for viruses and spyware.

  4. Clean Windows Startup and Temporary Files.

  5. Check for errors and defragment hard drive.

  6. Use manufacturer’s web site (see links above) to download updated drivers for your system, and install them. Update BIOS as well.

Note: BIOS update is NOT a mandatory prerequisite for successful Service Pack 2 installation. However, it may be needed in some limited cases (e.g. Prescott C-0 stepping and some BIOS). Please see “Your computer stops responding when you restart to complete the installation of Windows XP Service Pa
ck 2” for more details (including MS Critical Update - WindowsXP-KB885626-v2-x86-enu.exe).

  1. If you don’t want to rely on Windows Update, order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD or download SP2 file (WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe - this file name may change) from Microsoft Web site .

  2. Disconnect all devices apart from your keyboard and mouse.
    Click Start, click Run, type msconfig in the Open box, and then click OK.
    On the General tab, click Selective Startup, and then clear the Process System.ini File, Process WIn.ini File, and Load Startup Items check boxes. You cannot clear the Use Original Boot.ini check box.
    On the Services tab, select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box, and then click Disable All.
    Click OK, and then click Restart to restart your computer.
    After Windows starts, determine whether the symptoms still occur.

David Stevenson
Microsoft Technical Support.
+44 (0)870 60 10 100
I hope you are happy with the support you have received and solution we have given you should resolve your problem,
therefore we will archive your email, so if you have any further problems please feel free to contact us again.

Microsoft Disclaimer


I had the misfortune to buy DVD santa and have problems with software when I try to contact DVD santa theres no such email address can anyone give me an email address for them.

Also hear they never respond to emails so maybe it is crap


I have the same problem, I have no idea what caused it, it seems like everything I use is starting to crash. I have the computer set to automatically update windows. Has anyone found out the cause of this problem? I also have another computer that I’m trying to use DVDSANTA on that has win98SE on it, but everytime I install it and try to use it, it says that it only works on win 2000 or later. But it says it will work on 98.


i reset my pc back to windows xp sp1 and now all programs run fine
turn off windows auto update!!!
sp2 update def stops lots of programs must be to do with microsoft sercurity!!


Is it something to do with Data Execution Prevention? I’ve seen this mentioned somewhere else recently.


I’d not be surprised if this was an Xvid codec issue.

Open your administrational tools folder from your start menu then press Event viewer.

Inside that select Application from the menu on the left and you’ll see a big list of errors.

run dvd santa and try to make a DVD until the error occurs then check the event viewer. double click the new error and read it; checking for any mention of xvid.ax if you see that then go and download and install the latest xvid codec which is version 1.1.0 this should solve your problem. It’s more than likely a coincidence that SP2 seemed to cause this and probably just a case of the videos you’ve been trying to encode have been created using a codec you didn’t have on your machine.

Hope this helps - not trying to sound like a know-it-all and obviously some of you guys might have a problem this won’t fix.


I’ve had exactly the same problems with DvdSanta since I had to get a new PC with Windows 7. The problem isn’t that the program is crap so much as the customer support for it. I have contacted them several times to ask for help but not had even an auto reply. They will however STILL take money off you, so don’t expect ANY kind of ‘support’ for your purchase.:a