I am not sure whether anyone happened this proplem that have no idea to backup DVDs such as Transformers 2, The Proposal, The Dark Knight and Star Trek 2009. Even AnyDVD and DVDfab can’t decrypt.

The latest versions of AnyDVD and DVDFab should be able to handle these dvds Stephen.

Take a look through our Movie Copy Software forum. http://club.myce.com/f62/


Cool~~ Thanks Kerry56,

Any suggestion about these 2 programs? I mean which one is better if you choose?

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I just use one of them, but the trials for the programs exist for a reason…give each one a whirl and find out what it can do. AnyDVD needs to work in conjunction with other programs in order to compress to fit onto single layer dvds. It works very nicely with a free program called DVDShrink for that purpose. DVDFab is an all-in-one solution. Both can get the job done.

I still think AnyDVD HD is ahead in the competition with regards to Blu Ray movie decryption, especially BD+ protection, but again it needs subsidiary programs to reduce the size of the movie to fit onto smaller BD blank disks or even dvds. I use BD-Rebuilder for that.

Hehe, you are a so good helper, you won’t be lynched.

I trust you, I will try AnyDVD. thanks a lot, Wish you have a nice day!