DVDs Work But CDs Dont?

Hello. I have had an LG-4167B DVD re-writer since November last year, but in the last few weeks its stopped accessing cd’s for some reason. DVD however work fine reading and writing, but not cd’s. It just sits there.

Can anyone help me?

Help yourself an test the drive in another computer.

Yes, go with chef’s suggestion. It is the only way to confirm if the drive is at fault or some sort of software is causing your problems.

Yep I now belive that the drive is at fault. Tried it with the sons PC, and does the same thing.

Ah well back to the drawing board.

Have you updated the firmware lately? May be worth a shot before you diagnose it as dead.

Yeah I updated it to latest one. I know its duff because I tried booting up with Win setup disk in drive and it just went straight to hard disk boot.

Never mind. Guess its time to replace. so soon as well.

That drive can’t be that old. The model is barely a year old. Surely you still have some sort of warranty coverage over it?