DVD's won't read



I had a Philips DVD-RW DVD1601 drive that I got from Dell when I ordered my computer. It worked fine for months (apart from the eject button working only to close the tray, but not to open it) but recently stopped burning DVD’s. It then stopped reading them all together (but still read & burnt CD’s).
I searched for help with this drive & could find none supporting it, but instead recommending that it should be flashed into a Benq 1620. I followed all instructions & managed to successfully change my drive, desperately hoping this would solve my problem.
However, the problem with not being able to read DVD’s at all is still present, & although I can still read & use CD’s, it appears I can’t burn them. Is there anyone who can help me? I’d be happy with just being able to read DVD’s (but I’d be ecstatic with being able to burn them).

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Sounds like a hardware problem. If it’s still under warranty, I would get it replaced.


No, the warranty period has elapsed. I would just buy another but money if a little tight a the moment so a more practical solution is needed. I wish I had seen all these posts about how bad this particular drive is before I brought it. :frowning: