Dvd's won't read in my computer drive



a couple of months ago i created a dvd with mp4 files on 4.7gb disk and i was able to wacth them files when i put them on to the computer but a few days ago i cannot read them disk but i can read the same disks on other ocmputers and laptops i have got its just that computer. so what shall i do please help

by the way my computer is an acer aspire l320 please help i really need to get his sorted out

i updated it i unisatlled the dvd drive and re-installed the drive but that did not work the drive does read other cd/dvd drived but its just that when i put these dvd on to the drive it comes up either saying prepare this balnk disk and sometimes it says please insert a disk in to the drive please help


First suggestion is to use one of your other computers to make a new copy of the disk.

Use good media, like AZO Verbatim and burn at a reasonable speed. If using a laptop to make the new disk, use ImgBurn (free burning program) and burn the Verbatim disk at 6x.

It sounds like the drive in your computer isn’t a particularly good reader, or this one disk isn’t burned well. You can try cleaning the lens of the drive also, to see if this helps.