DVDs won't read in DVD player

I am very confused here guys. I am new to dvd copying, but have been making dvds from Divx files and Sat rips for a while. All my disks I make with dvd-lab work great on my dvd player. Now the problem. Using the same DVD media if I copy a existing dvd using DVDClone and anydvd or Roxio and anydvd they work fine using my computer, but will not work in my dvd player. Any ideas?

Hi there,
DVD Player playback problems are usually one of these:

1- Media Quality makes a difference.

2- Burning too fast causes freezing and skips on playback.

3- Burning to close to the edge of the media (Specially on cheap media causes faults near the end)

4- DVD has to be burned as a Video-DVD (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS directories)

What media are you using ?
VSO Inspector, or DVDInfoPro can provide you with the Media ID.

What speed are you burning those ?

Have any of the above problems ?

Also what exact problems are you getting ?
It will start but will skip ?
Getting DISK ERROR and won’t even start ?

My 2 cents…

If you’re usin +R medias, try to change the booktype to Dvd-Rom, if your burner
supports booktype settings.

When burning dvd’s using Roxio’s 7.x program, be sure to do the actual burning using the Disc Copier module.