DVDs wont play

I have BenQ 832A Plus 8X Dual DVD Writer,when copying movies with Clone DVD 2 it works perfectly fine but the problem it wont play on standalone DVD players i have tried many players even Playstation 2 nothing works.I have tried both DVD-R and DVD+R with several media brands from TDK to Verbatim.IDE drivers are not installed too.But the strange thing is when i create VCDs or CDs they work fine but not DVDs.I also tried other software like Nero Recode 2.1 and Intervideo DVD Copy it still wont play on DVD players.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Do you ever try to update firmware ?

You should also check the specifications of your DVD player to check if it can read DVD-R or DVD+R media. You can use this excellent website for that. Just enter your DVD player model and check what it can read. It could help if your burner supports bitsetting. I don’t know if yours does but you should find out. Bitsetting allows you to turn DVD+R discs into DVD-ROM discs and this improves readability. Good luck!

Try DVD Fab

I suspect that it has been sorted out by now…You responded to a nearly [B]5 year old [/B]thread…:bigsmile: