DVD's won't play



I have transferred some home movies from a camcorder to DVD using a Sony DVD recorder. The DVD recorder has broken and now the DVD’s won’t play on any other machine or my computer.

Is there anything I can do to recover these movies?


It sounds like you didn’t finalize the dvds.

It might be possible to recover them with ISOBuster, but I don’t think the free version of ISOBuster would work for this. You can try it.


Hi Kerry

Many thanks for you suggestion. I have downloaded this software and it has found files on the DVDs but only seems to recover a few seconds of the content.

I’m not very technical so I don’t really know how to get all the material.



AFAIK, only with the registered version.

You could rip them to hdd, mount the isos and then copy the content to your work forlder.


I’m afraid that getting the material off would require a lot of effort, and some luck. It isn’t an easy, straightforward process.

For example, look through this thread over at videohelp.com: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/304047-Recover-not-finalized-disk

And this one: http://forum.videohelp.com/threads/310357-Unplayable-DVD-because-it-wasn-t-finalized-properly

The pro version of ISOBuster can probably do a better job of recovery for you, but since you aren’t familiar with this type of problem, and are not comfortable with technical issues with optical media, I would hate to advise you to buy it, only to be unable to use it successfully.

Fixing the dvd recorder would be another option. Or finding the same model on ebay and finalizing the disks with it.