DVDs won't play

I use dvd shrink and nero to burn my dvds. I’m not sure but just about as long as i’ve been using these programs I am unable to watch dvds. I can burn them just fine. I’ve spent hours trying to figure this out, but can’t. I’ve used just about all of the different media players from classic windows to divx. Sometimes they’ll start, freeze then send me an error message. When I got straight to the D: drive, when I open it all it displays are the files, audio, video, etc. The autoplay does not work. Hoping to get some help because I just got a new 5.1 (Logitech Z-5300e) and want to watch some movies. Btw the movies copy just fine.
Oh, I had clone cd and nero images which i thought might affect it so I deleted them. Thanks.

Have you tried them on a stand alone player to distinguish if the problem is PC related or media related yet?
If so what results were produced?

It doesn’t matter which dvd I use, some will load for a little bit but when they get to the intro screen, it freezes and goes to an error message. The message doesn’t display anything useful.