I am trying to burn my first dvd from a set of VOB files I downloaded. It has all of the the neccesary files with it, .BUP etc… but I am still having problems. I tried using Nero Express to burn DVD-Video files but when I try playing the disc in my DVD player or PS2, It doesnt read. I know both do read dvd-r discs because I’ve played copies from friends before in both. I’ve searched through this forum and havent found any solutions. I dont know what I am doing wrong. The DVD plays like one when inserted into the dvd drive in the computer, but that is it.


If the DVD plays when in your PC’s DVD drive, there is nothing ‘wrong’ with it. Your problem is likely to be your DVD player being picky about the make of dvd-r media. You could try burning at a slower speed, may help.


I’ve tried 2 diffrenttypes of CD’s, Memorex and Verbatrim. I have a 16x drive burned several times at several speeds on the memorex and 8x on the verbatrim. I’m getting extremely aggervated with this.


Try buying the DVD instead of pirating it, and it will work…If all else fails try HERE


Thats funny but the vob files are a live concert put up on a message board from a fansite for a band, not a pirated movie or illegal content. Thanks anyways.


I have the same problem. When I burn a DVD, Nero uses DVD uses the media posted speed: DVD-Rs in 8x and DVD-RW in 4x to do so. When I try to play the DVD on my computer or a brand new DVD player (friend’s) it works. When I try it on my DVD player it does not. I know my DVD player can play DVD-R’s and I checked a few of them; they were recorded at 2x speed. I figured I should try to burn my DVDs using 2x speed but no matter what I do Nero resets the speed at burn time and burns at the maximum speed allowed by the media.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.