Dvd's wont play in my dvd player

I have copied dvd’s successfully using nero software but i recently used nero software to burn some video clips onto a dvd and the dvd won’t play in my dvd player. The dvd’s have worked before on my dvd player before and the software is the same as before so i have no idea what to do!

Standalones will only play DVDs that conform to DVD-Video specifications:
MPEG2 video w/ac3, wav or mpeg layer II audio placed in the appropriate directory structure. Simply copying video clips isn’t going to work. You will need to choose some kind of authoring software to convert the video and build a navigable menu system.

I have TMPGEnc DVD author and after i have authored my files i burn them onto a dvd using nero but the dvds still dont play

One idea you could try is to use another program to burn the files; back in the day, Nero had serious problems burning the files in a way that the DVD player would understand; some people with long memories still avoid it (I wouldn’t put it past Nero to subtly treat copied material and amatuer authored material differently enough that your standalone might recognize on one and not the other). You might want to try creating an ISO with imgtool classic and burning with DVD Decrypter- both free.


Aside from that, specific error messages, etc. would help us better diagnose the problem.

Have a look here to see if your stand alone player can play any form of a DVD or CD copy, if you have trouble locating your standalone player just post make and model and I’ll have a look for you.
Also have a look at this as this will allow you to add mpeg clips and author them for burning (it’s what I use). Heres a tutorial on how its done.