Dvd's won't play anymore

I was using powerdvd to play my dvd’s and everything was working fine until today when powerdvd told me that the dvd was an unknown code. so i tried windvd and it says that it cannot detect a disc. I can see the video_ts files when i look in the drive in my computer so the i know the drive is reading the files but i can no longer get my dvd playing programs to recognize a dvd and play it. i’m using windows me. does anybody know what i should do?

Perhaps this is the solution.

Is problem happening on just the one DVD or all DVDs? Chances are you got a bad disc. If you bought the DVD at a store, go exchange it. Most of the time, stores let you exchange for the same movie.

no it happens with all dvd’s and some that i’ve played on this comp many times before with no problem