DVD's won't load with AnyDVD running


I am having problems with my external HP dvd740e burner and current version of AnyDVD. When I insert an original DVD in the drive it will read and read without ever loading the disc. Once and a while it will read an original just fine. It’s very similar to when you put a damaged disc into a drive and it tries to read it with out sucess. The original dvd’s are undamaged and read fine in my other drive. I was thinking that the lens was starting to wear out from a lot of use but the drive seems to burn dvds just fine. Also, when I insert a burned dvd this drive will read that just fine. When I close Anydvd it will load the dvd just fine.


I would revert to an earlier version of AnyDVD until the bugs get fixed.

I tried earlier versions of AnyDVD going back to 5.9.x.x and with the same results…

There is a newer version out now and it fixed the issue that was on Also is this a new dvd drive if so leave anydvd off and put in a commercial dvd so it can set the region code for your area first.

Yeah, I agree with the Doctor. TURN OFF AnyDVD (Required!) …And then set the region code of your dvd drive(s) in drive properties (ie: choose the country you live in … Windows will set the region code for you). Don’t assume that your region codes are already set … check it out.

PilatusInc -

Older versions of AnyDVD in the range of 5.9.x.x and version numbers were very proven stable error free versions of the AnyDVD Software Program. If you are having difficulties with these proven stable error free older version numbers indicates that you possibly have some type of computer software/hardware configuration problem.


Ok i think you might be right… I closed anydvd. I checked the region code on that drive by going into my computer and right clicking on on the drive and selecting properties. Went to the hardware tab and selected the external drive and under location it says “0”. But when I click properties on the bottom and then select the DVD Region tab on the top I try to select region 1 united states but it wont change it. Is their a different way to set region code on this drive?

You must put a commercial dvd in the drive with anydvd not running then it’ll set the region code automatically.