DVDs with no sound?



I have jsut started backing up my DVDs. I have mostly had success but have run into a couple of DVDs where the copy has no sound. The menu will have sound but just the main movie will be soundless. The particular movies were Monster and Lost in Translation.

I am watching the movies on an Aiwa DVD player hooked up to television(no special audio). Any ideas/suggestions??


Make sure you copy the correct sound track…usually Dolby AC 3/6, 5.1, 2 channel, or 1 channel with older movies. You may need to select to proper sound track from the DVD’s control during playback.


Sometimes people select DTS and that will give you no sound on many setups. The goofiest error I ever made was to select stereo over mono and all I got was the directors comments.


Hi! Im having awful problems with sound also! Only about 1 in 3 discs work and therefore is tempermental. I put a discs in and it will have no sound on the feature film but will do in the extras but try it again and it works! This has happened a few times now. The Godfather film wont work at all and so far have wasted about 5 discs on this film trying to get it right! Is there a patch I can download and apply which will get this sound problem ammended? Its doing my head in!


@ robbo72uk,

There is no “Patch” that exists or is required to fix your problem.

It might be helpful for you to read the CloneDVD Manual, which provides a wealth of knowledge concerning the use and operation of the CloneDVD2 software program.

The CloneDVD Manual can be accessed in the following manner. On the CloneDVD opening page click on “Help” located on the top upper right hand corner on the opening page. The CloneDVD manual will appear. The CloneDVD Manual provides information on how to select the audio tracks for your Recorded DVD.

It also might be helpful to view the below Forum posting. Comments in posting #6 provide information on identifying the audio streams on a DVD.


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