DVDs with episodes

Lo all,
I have been playing around with DVD2one and other programs and am very impressed with DVD2ones movie copying abilities. Personally I dislike menus and go for the highest possible quality and DVD2one certainly wins on quality.
I have one question/suggestion: what about copying DVDs with episodes on them? Sure you can now copy the whole DVD including the menus but is there any provision for merging episodes on a DVD into one ‘movie’. Basically I am trying to backup a buffy DVD and trying to keep the quality to a maximum over the 3hrs - no extra sounds or any damn subtitles - just a nice long 4-episode buffy movie.
Can this be done?
cheers all ,

This is the same thing I have been asking for…I too choose quality over full DVD. I don’t think it would be very complicated to connect several episodes together to make a single movie DVD. Right now we can only choose 1 movie file when making a movie only DVD…What if we could highlight more than 1 movie and DVD2one could connect them together? Maybe we’ll see this option in a future upgrade?

Check the posts on here, theres lots of tutorials on how to do episode dvds