DVDs will only play on My Dvd Player and Xbox 360

I’ve been using DVD flick and Image burn for over a year to burn movies.
Just recently, no one else can play these movies on their dvd players. I tested the movies on My player and they worked fine but people who’ve borrowed them in the past can no longer play them on their dvd players.
My neice was the only exception, where she was successful on her xbox 360.
I have a phillips hd dvd player and can play them also, but just recently no else can. I used to buy the cheapest media and it never made a difference,
so I switched to sony+r from a memorex -r and still no luck. I updated the samsung firm ware and tried to burn the iso with nero still no luck. Any thoughts, I’ve heard verbatim is rock solid media but I kind of think it may be something else since I’ve always used the cheapest media available without any hitches.

Cheap media can be a problem in the burning process and in longevity. And some players/drives are better readers than others.

When you say they [I]no longer play[/I] on other people’s players, are you talking about movies you burned a long time ago, that once worked for them, or are these only new ones that you have recently converted and burned to disks?

If the dvd movies play properly in your player and in your niece’s Xbox360, we can safely assume that they have been converted and authored correctly. That leaves poor burns, poor media, or burning too fast. Switching to +R media might not be the best solution unless you bitset them to look like DVDRom disks to the players. ImgBurn can do that automatically for you.

Bitsetting can increase compatiblity for picky players, especially older players that don’t like burned media very much, but it is usually not a problem with modern players. If you want to try it with your +R disks, look in ImgBurn: Tools–>Drive–>Change Booktype–>Samsung tab. Change For: DVD+R Media
New Setting: DVDRom

I would try Verbatim 16x and burn at 8x speed and see if this helps. Or try changing booktype (bitsetting) with the Sony +R disks and also slow the burn speed down to 8x for them. This assumes you are using a desktop burner.

Hi Kerry,
Sorry about the double post. Yes I’m talking about brand new burns, niether +R or -R will play on their dvd players.
Kerry, should I also try bitsetting with the -Rs and with verbatim should I buy the -Rs? I get the sense that these movies are playing on only my player and the xbox because they have HD , or is it simply because they are newer?

Bitsetting only applies to +R media. If I were trying to find better media, I’d probably start with the Verbatim 16x -R in this case, though I usually prefer +R myself, and bitset them.

Since you were using DVDFlick, I assumed you were converting videos (of unknown type) to dvd-video. DVD video is never HD, by simple definition. The highest resolution allowed in dvd video in US players is 720 x 480, and high def begins at 1280 x 720, also called 720p.

Thx Kerry,
I’ll try with the bit setting first w/the sony, if any other ideas pop up please toss them in.
Thank you,