Dvds will not play

ok ive downloaded a film … its in divx format , says so on the laptop when i watch it

its very clear , ive copied it to a usb stick took it to my wifes laptop she has the burner and copied it to a dvd-r …wont play on any of our dvd players however , just makes a funny noise and reports no disc

ive heard i need to convert it to a vob , will this effect the quality , what program should i use , will it then play on my 7 year old pioneer or my sons 2 year old philips dvd player.

what format should i look for when downloading a film , i converted it through winavi but cant find a vob converter on there …

should i just buy a divx dvd player … seems easier and will it then play , as when i open the disc it just has an audio file and one other

thanks for any help

should have said in win avi i converted it to a dvd file …wouldnt play then

Then your player has a problem with the mediatype, authored content or just dislikes downloaded movies.

(point #3 was just a joke but nevermind)