DVDs will not die quietly



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Everybody owns a few books, some even have dozens brought together on a few shelves. The same is what we are currently seeing with DVDs, many have a still growing diversity of movies… And why? We…

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I have a Bluray AND HD DVD player and will still pick up a good DVD if not available in either format. It is cheaper, there is a greater selection and upconversion is still pretty damned good.


When I got my HD DVD I swore off DVDs forever, that everything I would buy moving forward would be HD (or blu ray if it comes to that). After a year I now feel that I only need HD for my fave movie genres, sci-fi, CG anim, fantasy,action, adventure and anything with Jessica Alba :wink: Even though I am a HD enthusiast I really don’t care if my comedies & dramas et… are HD. To me its only important in movies where the visuals worth it. So I can see myself buying many HD movies and still many standard DVDs for years. But yes I will buy the optical discs and not use VOD. I never use my providers VOD service, or 360 Live D/L. Sorry but I will take any optical format over my crappy Scientific Atlanta HD PVR anyday. Its the worst POS with CONSTANT motion and compression artifacts, and I have no choice but to use it or change providers and get another expensive PVR (which also probably sucks!).


A 2.5 hour movie in 4 minutes…sure it’s possible, but not at DVD quality, let alone HD DVD or BluRay quality. ~4.5 gigs in four minutes (standard 2 hour DVD movie uncompressed) you betcha. Either that or Comcast needs to send someone out to fix my connection, 'cause it sure as hell isn’t up to speed. DVDs will die eventually, but I think it’ll take a significant price drop of the other formats. Makes sense to buy your favorite special effects movies in HD/BluRay, but at the current 50% premium, a plain ordinary run of the mill DVD version will do just fine for your ‘normal’ movies. Why pay 30 bucks for say ‘Office Space’ in HD vs < 20 for DVD. But something like ‘Indiana Jones IV’ would probably be worth the extra 10 bucks.