DVDs unreadable in windows vista


I’ve had this problem for a while now and have been getting really
frustrated trying to solve it. I’m using windows vista 32, an 1814blt sata
burner and the firmware is updated to 1.10. This hardware is vista compatible.

  • When I insert a DVD ROM game the dvd contents are “empty”. I’ve bought
    elder scrolls, supreme commander and civ4 and all come up as empty in windows explorer. You can imagine how annoying this is.

  • The DVD label is recognised.

  • When i did a fresh reinstall of vista the DVD ROMs were be readable. BUT
    only for a short period, pretty soon after that (like a day) they suddenly
    became unreadable again.

  • Sometimes in safe mode the disc will become readable, usually it won’t be

  • Often, in safe mode, windows will not recognise the disc in the drive at
    all BUT it will recognise the label and refer to the drive by the DVD label

  • The discs are ALWAYS readable from the command line. If i open the prompt
    /dir shows all the contents.

  • If i run a file like setup.exe from the command prompt then bang! I get
    BSOD (blue screen of death) and the system reboots.

This is not a faulty drive- the drive works and it has been tested under XP.
These are not faulty discs- the discs all work in winXP machines.
The firmware is up to date and windows vista compatible.
The driver is a microsoft signed driver, up to date, and released about

I’ve been searching forums for about 3 months trying to find a solution.
I’ve found that this is a common problem but nobody seems to have a solution. I’ve wondered if its the security protection because it also affects DVD movies.

Any ideas why this is happening?