DVDs to WD HD w/ thumbnails



I just purchased a WD HD Unit (see link). I am trying to move all of my DVDs digital and start building up my BluRay collection. The WD HD unit has the capability of thumbnails and arranging by genre, etc. Using DVD Fab, I am able to get a good copy to play by using the Generic feature. I assume that this information is embedded somewhere in the file. I can live without Genre and so forth, but with so many titles, I really need the thumbnails.

How do I get a DVD into a format that will play on the unit (compatable formats below) and show the cover art?

Do I need to convert it and then manually add the art somehow?

I am fine if I need to buy two different software titles to do what I need.

Any other suggestions or experiences with this unit?

Running Vista Home Premium

Compatible Video/Movie Media Formats

The two related knowledge pages from WD.


There is a really nice thread over at VideoHelp.com. I’ve not read all of it because i don’t own one yet, but it may help.


Thanks. I was able to go from DVD Fab to MPEG4 using 1Click and used Itunes to add the cover art. Is there a program to go straight from DVD to high res MPEG4?


ok, so it looks like DVD Fab can go straight to MPEG4. I didn’t see the option because it was under PS3. I posted in the DVD FAB forum, but I am still trying to get the best settings for the best performance (size is not an issue).