Dvd's to stay away from



stay away from the dynex dvd’s bc the dye used isn’t very good for retaining data / they scratch easily

get philphs dvd’s they use a darker dye and have a coating against scratches… they par up pretty good next to verbatims


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“AN31” -r (Primeon)
“POMSA001-0R-00” +r (Sky)


I don’t know why anyone bothers with low-end store brands anymore when quality media straight from the manufacturer is so cheap. :wink:


Because some of them are good. Plus, it allows us to try different media… for example, CompUSA is the only U.S. source of Infomedia DVDs. 8x-rated INFOME R20 is very attractive at 20 cents a disc, considering it burns well at 12x and even 16x.