DVDs that were accepted no longer recognised

Hi everyone,

I bought an Imation IMWDVRW8DI DVD burner after Christmas and some TDK and Laser blank media. I have successfully burned to both types when I first tried it out.

I am now finding that the Laser disks, admitedly bought at a very low price, are now not being recognised by the various burning applications I have.

Can someone suggest why my burner may have stopped recognising the blank media all of a sudden?

I have considered running a Firmware update in case this might help, but I am apprehensive as I cannot find any upgrade specifically naming this burner. I have read that it is a rebadged Lite-On SOHW-812S. Before I use the Firmware update for the Lite-on burner, can anyone tell me what the dangers may be? Am I likley to render the burner totally useless?

Thanks for any comments,

Best wishes, Roger

all i can suggest is buy better media, don’t be cheap when it comes to media, only buy the best. also update nero (or whatever you use), and yes update your firmware, search the forums for your drive to find what firmwares are the best etc

It’s possible if they have been sitting on the shelp for a while, they dye on the disks has faded or deteroriated. That can sometimes happen with a bad batchs of low quality disks. It doesn’t mater if you have burned on them or not, they pretty much die when this happens (the disks, not the drive). Princos have been problamatic with that in the past. Use this program to read the media code off the disks to see what they actually are.

Thanks for the advice guys - yes I realise now I was a bit stupid to buy the cheapest DVDs I could find! I won’t be doing that again.

About the Firmware update - I did not make myself too clear. I can only find updates relating to the Lite-On model number. Although the Imation is a rebadged Lite-on, is it OK to use the Lite-on Firmware update for it, or could there be slight changes in the rebadged model that will upset things?

Thanks for all the help,


Yup, Laser media is very cheap and nasty. The 8x -Rs also use a fake TY media code and, like any other discs using a fake media code, should be avoided like the plague.

Btw, you should re-check all your successful burns with the Laser media as you may well find that the discs have deteriorated and the data may no longer be readable. Even if those discs are still ok, nevertheless I strongly recommend that you make further copies on good quality media.