DVDs that play only on computer -why

I’ve burned two DVD movies which only play on my computer. But when I put them in my home DVD player, the disk is not recgonized.

–> yet all other DVD movies that I burn, play perfectly on my home unit.

-> Same media, same burner, same burning software.

So is there somethiing in the IFO I should be looking to change on those 2 movies … or any other ideas on why they play perfectly on my computer but can’t even be recognized in my home unit ?

-> Note: I tried making a new copy, in the case that the 1st media maybe had some defects, but the new copy just acted the same.

Unfortunately the media can vary in quality within the pack/spindle. Try playing them on a friends/relative/neighbour 's unit. If still no go, then try burning the same dvd to differnt brand of media, even try a DVDRW to see if the problem goes or still there.

Yeah, I’ll do that. Good advice.

I know all too well about the media differences.

I work in a computer store & we get in many pallets of media every month.

the CDR(W)s … no problem. Once we get a good Taiwan mfger, we can trust them

But DVDs… it’s still a black art. Every batch is different, even to the spindle, as you mention. No sooner do I get through telling a customer “I use these myself & am very happy with them”… then I go home & find 3 on a spindle that won’t recognize… arghhh!!!

Now that the bit density is so tight, the slightest defect in any part of the process really shows up.

Well, off to a friends with a batch of tests. thanks agin.