DVDs That Have Both Widescreen/Full Screen Versions...I Only Want One

I want to backup a DVD that has both WS + Full Screen options but keep only the widescreen version. I’ve already compressed using DVD2OneX and the picture quality is pretty bad. I’m guessing that if I take out the full screen version, the quality will go up dramatically. Is this something I can take care of using D2One or does it need to be done during the decryption process (I’m using DVD Backup to decrypt)?

Oh, and this is NOT a dual sided disc.

SmartRipper will tell you what format eg 16.9 . Then just rip the one you want.

Sorry pressed the wrong key hadn’t finished.
Not familiar with DVD backup if it gives that option.If you run AnyDVD or similar you can back up using dvd2one straight from original disc.Movie only, pick the one you want but it wont tell you the format.Use a -RW or try an educated guess.

GrandCru, seems to me as if you are using a Mac (DVD Backup). If you are using a Mac, post to the DVD2OneX forum at DVD2One.com, or go to Videohelp.com Mac Forum. You would have better luck there. I believe there are other decrypting programs for the Mac that can do what you want, but I am not an expert on this.

Jamerican, you guessed right. I should’ve noted that I’m using a Mac. I’ll go over there and see if they have any ideas. Thanks for the pointer.

Here is a Mac program that seems interesting. Costs $99 with a $20 rebate - net $79.
I personally use DVD2OneX - although very rarely.

Looks interesting. I just wish Mac users had their own “AnyDVD/CloneDVD” method like the PC guys. I like how you can preview the image quality before compressing.