Dvd's stuffed after 3 months? Burner issue?



Hey all (i’m new, be nice :)),(Oh, side note, sorry for the LONG post :()

I have burnt a stack of princo (4x write)(110 discs or so) dvd-r’s, (it’s a “small” amount of relatively easily replacable items) and after about 3 months, i guess, they’ve all (almost) either stopped reading about 5mins into the discs or about 1.5hours into the movie, etc… They all worked PERFECTLY before…
Ran some kprobe scans (DRU-700a sony YV08) and found out the scans are, for lack of a better work, atrocious! I’m not going to bother attaching, but one at the end of the disc had a PI of over 1200 and a PIF of over 50 well and truely!!! These were ALL princo media bought on the same day…Well used or hardly used at all, they all seem to fail (the “well” used ones have seen about 40-50 hours of usage though)…
I have SKC media (labelled “Lazer” over here) and besides the odd failure, or freeze partway through a movie (that you simply skip past) they are all still fine (and going on 6mths for those ones!)… The scans on most of these are BAD too, i mean, PI about 500-600 by the end of the disc and PIF hitting about 20-40 in “peaks”… mostly PIF is ok though (average without the peaks is about 2)…
I bought some new Lazer (8x)(or is it laser?) brand media, these are Taiyo Yugen 002’s, (dvd+r) and the scans are horrible also and the media hardly plays an entire movie (tried the same movie on 6 different discs, same result)… I tried some Lazer DVD-R’s (4x) however these were MUCH worse, only playing for about 5 mins from brand new burn! (didn’t get the code off these though :()…
I usually use dvd shrink to backup, however, i tried using dvd shrink to output files, then burn using nero directly and the results (in a scan) were MUCH better, however, playing it turned out with the same freezes…
Sorry this is such a long post, but does anyone at all know any media that works WELL in this drive? That actually lasts? I don’t mind rebacking-up everything i’ve got, it’s easy, just annoyuing to have to buy more discs as i’m finding good media hard to find at the right price… Is what i’m getting “normal” results for the sony burner? I know how good it is at reading, so i’m “happy” (if i HAVE HAVE HAVE to) buy a new burner, but i’d prefer not to if i can avoid it…
Is there any help anyone has got for me?
Thanks heaps

[edit - might add - ALL these are burnt at 2x-4x… regardless of max speed… i’ve had MUCH better luck burning at slow speeds!!]


Please provide more detail in regards to make/model frimware version of the burner you are using. Also how did you hook up your burner?

Without this info no-one will be able to help you.


Most certainly…
I’ve got a Sony DRU-700A - hooked up as a master on the same channel as a Pioneer DVD-106 (reader and secondary) using an ATA-100 80 pin cable. I’ve used firmware YV02 (it came with) upgraded to YV06 (i think it was) and also YV08, i put it back to YV05 and ALL firmware had VERY VERY similar results, over the time of my 100 or so dvd’s burnt the firmware was changed to YV06 and they all have the exact same problem and very similar scans.
Not sure if it matters, but my mobo is a Gigabyte 800PE or something (i forget) but it is/was a good mobo in it’s day :slight_smile:
I’m also running win XP
I just tested some cd’s - besides being CHEAP “strathfield car radios” brand, the scans are NEAR perfect, with only ONE PIF spike (mind you the spike was 108 (!) but they play 100%)


He said PRINCO thats enough. They are crap, if they are readable at all after a burn they sure won’t be in a few months. The lazer brand is fake TYs. See if you can’t get some good media. The good stuff is selling for about 40 cents a piece here in the states.There aught to be a world wide law against crap media, that is robbery with out a gun!


Ah i didn’t know they were fakes… If they are, then i 100% agree that will solve my problem!!! The SKC i wasn’t sure about - but they play fine mostly, but scans are bad! I’m not sure where to start buying “good” media - no one seems to have any! :slight_smile:
I guess i have to pay someone a “premium” to get quality discs? I’m taking these back tomorrow (they said i could) and i will see what else they currently have, my guess is it’s crap, but i might have a look anyway… lets hope that’s the problem…


Where are you located? (which country) as we might be able to point you in the location of some good deals. Here in the US, the actual Taiyo Yuden discs (thier own brand) can be had for very reasonable prices. I agree though that the TY fakes and the Princo media are your problem hands down. And to think some noob over at an XBOX modding forum tried to tell me that Princo DVD-R were quality simply because he had gotten them to read on his drive. :rolleyes:


Princo don’t read on my xbox :wink:
I’m in Australia (sydney)…
I’m pretty sure there is on-line places to buy “thats” from, but i’d prefer to buy it from a store that i can take it back to :wink: Most will guarantee it


So i took the discs back, they swapped me some DVD+R and DVD-R that turned out to be VDSPMSAB001 for the +r’s and something similar for the -R

Check out the scan of the +R!!! It’s not good at all… I tried a -R and it was SHOCKING - i mean, it plays, with the odd skip on my dvd player (Toshiba SD-2600) but WOW it’s a BAD disc… I’ll do a scan later PIF was over 200 for parts!!! I’m still shocked it plays at all!


And here’s the DVD-R (VDSPMSAB 01)
And it played REASONABLY perfectly!!! Skipped in a few places but that was it!!!


VDSPMSAB media is awful as well. You really need to ditch that store and look for your media elsewhere.


Yeah, realising that now :frowning:
They had sone TYG02 there, but it DID look genuine as it is silver top, etc… makes me wonder… not sure if i want to risk trying anything else, then again, if it works!!!


So i got some decent dvd’s!!!

How’s that for a scan? TYG01’s… they were stupidly expensive (Fuji single disc made in japan) but they work a treat, i’m going for the bulk pack with the same (supposedly) media code/brand. etc and if they all turn up like this, i’ll be happy!


That’s just sad… that burn has over 2 MILLION PIF! Most of my TY burns have less than 200 PIF!


That is bad. BTW what media code are the supposed “bulk” Taiyo Yudens? If they are TYG01 then they probably are real. The big problem comes in with the 8x media. No shortage of theives who took TY’s media code on them. :eek:


The TYG01 scan looks fine. Good luck with the bulk pack, NUTTTR.


NUTTR I live in Australia and there are some decent media to buy in shops.

Try Verbatim DataLife <b>Plus</b> should be MCC code for Mitsuibishi Chemical Corp. Saw 1 month ago JB Hifi was selling 10 box for $16 for 4x. Only a bit more like ~$20 for 10 box for 8x.

Heres a link for Aussie DVD Thread, 38 pages some useful stuff in there!

Someone in that thread was talking about OEM Taiyo Yuden spindle of 50 for $37, havent bought from that place but he says its good.

Avoid Princo, Shintaro, and fake TY like Laser. You might want to try +R media since your drive is rebadged LiteOn?


Guess what?
I bought the bulk pack (i’ll plug www.jpldisplays.com i think it was) because they were FAST (next day) and i got the bulk pack and they scan better than the fuji’s i bought!!
Very very happy, $37 for 50 discs (plus postage) is a bargin, i will buy a 100 pack too in the next few days as i want spares at this price!


hmm. my 2 cents: your sony burner is made by lite-on, and these seem to prefer +R over -R in my very limited experience. this will reduce compatibility with some standalones (my toshiba 1300SD wont play them but plays a half-decent -R burn, and with some coaxing will even play the aforementioned VDSPMSAB01 crap). if you can bit-set with your drive, then set the +R to DVD-ROM to get near universal compatibility with standalones.

is there JB hifi in Sydney? there’s millions in melbourne, and they sell cheap media. surprisingly, the TDK 50-pack 8x discs are good for both +R and -R (i hear the 4x ones aren’t but haven’t had troubles), and they’re made by CMC in taiwan, which is usually shunned for their poor quality. i also saw what i think may be TY discs at JB - they were white-tops, unlabelled, and the cakebox had a bunch of japanese on it which unfortunately i can’t read. anything from japan is good though, and these cost enough to have me think they were genuine TY.

i can’t do k-probe scans on my pioneer 108, unfortunately so i can’t give you scans. however, this drive is one of the most finicky on the market, so if i can get a read with it then it’s a reasonably good burn.


Actually they just prefer quality media to el cheapo stuff.

Their reputation for performing better with + R is largely because they burn Ritek + R (usually Ricoh) much more reliably than they burn Ritek - R. They actually perform poorly with cheap + R such as CMC too, at least if using stock firmware.

However, they perform practically flawlessly with any of the following - R media: Singapore manufactured Verbatim Data Life Plus (4x or 8x) [Note that they’re ok with the Taiwanese manufactured verbs too but scans will be inferior to those of the discs made in Singapore.]; Taiyo Yuden 4x -R (either That’s brand or OEM) and Japanese manufactured Maxell 8x.

I haven’t tried any genuine TYG02 media yet (sadly there are lots of fakes using that code about anyway) as it’s hard to find at a reasonable price. However, if you can find any genuine stuff (That’s, TDK or Fuji labels with that media code will all be genuine) at a decent price, it’s probably worth a try.

However, if you want to use - R with a Lite-on writer downunder and you’re prepared to pay a bit more for quality, you can’t really go past the Singapore made 8x verbs that you pick up in boxes of 10 at practically any JB HiFi store. These perform better with my 832S (f/w VS0E) than any other media, + or -. If you want something cheaper, go with the OEM TYs (4x) from http://www.jpldisplays.com/.


hmm. the 812S i’ve used worked just fine with both CMC 4x +R and CMC 8x +R branded as TDK (apparently the 8x ones are actually quite good, but i hear the 4x ones aren’t. no matter, it burnt and read them all very well). it burnt the data okay on the -Rs i tried it on, but they were practically unreadable in other drives (pio 108). i think it messes up the lead-in or something, because once it starts reading it’ll be just fine. but it’s a massive battle to get it to read.