Dvd's -small screen

Hi everybody

I’m new to this forum as I am new to burning dvd’s so please bear with me. I have done 2 dvd’s so far, but when played on dvd player they are only a small square in the middle of the screen and nothing I do brings them up any bigger. Am I doing something wrong when copying or something else. :sad: Hope this post is in the right place.


are you copying DVD disc’s or are you burning files? it sounds like you are burning AVI files.

Thanks for the reply. I’m burning files and I’ve absolutely no idea what an avi file is. What sort of files should I be burning? Told you I was new!

I would suggest downloading the freeware APP VideoInspector it will tell you what format your video files are.


.avi files often downloaded from internet. (It’s just 1 file) And not every dvd-player, which is connected to your TV, can play it. To know almost everything about your movie. Download GSPOT. Google a bit.