Dvd's slow to start - 451s

I have a liteon 451s. I normally use dvd decrtpter to burn my dvds (iso) but I have a lot of problems with speed and coasters, it is hit and miss. Iwas advised to use sonic which has been ok, but some disc have said complete but have been empty. The main problem, and the same with clone dvd, is when I play the dvd,s they take at least 3 minutes to start on the player. When done on decrypter (if successful) they start after 8 seconds. I was wondering if there is any settingd I need to adjust on sonic or clone.

What media are you using? Have you tried burning at 2x and see if that helps? Have you tried using different firmware yet?

Hello again
Presently I am using datasafe ritek discs. I can only burn on 2x on decrypter as no other settings work. The dvd that do burn are fine, but not all do. On Sonic the speed settings are max,mid or min. I have only used max. On clone dvd as far as I can see there is no choice.
As far as firmware goes I don’t know that much about it but on sonic it does say that it is firmware version QS09.

Is DMA enabled?

About firmware. It can have a very large impact on write quality. It’s best to test out different firmware and determine which works best on your media with your burner.

By Ritek, if you mean RitekG04’s (4x capable) then you should usually burn them at 4x. When burning those particular discs there are more errors at 2x then at 4x.
To determine your maximum supported burn speed as well as the disc ID to tell what it really is, download SmartBurn. The link is found in the tools guide in my signature.

I downloaded smart burn, here’s what it said;
Drive type - DVD dual
DVD-R single layer 4.38 gb
speed limit 4x
manufacturer maybe= ?

When you said it is best to burn 4x with these discs decrypter will not let me burn above 2x, with any type of discs,I can’t get past sector 16.

Forgot to add yes DMA is enabled

You have the first version firmware. I would try GSB7 myself. It’s two revisions newer.

If that doesn’t help. Try a different burning application such as the bundled RecordNow to burn the disc.

Sorry when I said sonic I meant recordnow that came with re-writer. I will upgrade the firmware and see where i go from there.
Thanks for your help