DVD's showing up as 4X instead of 16X 412OB

Here’s my problem, I just bought Ridata 16X dvd’s and they only show up as 4X on my LG 412OB DVD burner. I have tried updating the firmware from their website with no success. My drive can do 12X max so I dont know what the problem here is, the drive isn’t recognizing the dvd’s as more than 4x. Can anyone help me?

The 4120B does not support 16X media even with the latest fw. Don’t waste your money on them. Just stick to 8X+R media like TY, Maxell, Verbatim and RicohjpnR02 to burn at 12X.

so does that mean that I can’t burn at 12X even with 16X media?

If the MID code is not recognized the burner will stick at the default speed of 4x

Use dvdinfopro or cdspeed to look at the MID code and Available Write Descriptors

I can be wrong but those are the only MID that are allowed to burn at 12x even with the latest A116 fw





It was nice of you to post the link of the A116 fw earlier.

The Maxell002 will also burn at 12X in the 4120B. TTG02 is a DVD-R .