DVDs should be marked with dye code



Is’nt it about time that the packaging on DVDs (& CDs) should clearly state what dye has been used. with more and more unheard of brands coming to the market each month and burners not compatible with all dyes, the consumer needs to know what their buying.
Maybe with all it’s members CDFREAKS has both the knowledge and numbers to change this industry and give us back our choice.
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Ive been thinking this for a while, but it would probably encourage companies to simply use fake codes therefore giving poor qaulity discs even worse burns.


Why not just “vote” with your wallet and only buy from reputable brands and suppliers where you know what you are getting? If people didn’t buy all the cheap no-name crap, it wouldn’t be for sale.


Mr Brownstone You may be right, but it could also work in our favour as the use of fake codes/dyes in print may make that company open to prosecution

It should also encourage the bigger companies who trade under different names (or use trusted 3rd party companies to sell there media) to use media codes as a selling point. If I know MCC dye is the best for my burner as recomended by the manufacturer which brand of DVDs do I buy. Remember this should also benefit people who know nothing about who make what dyes ie 99% of DVD recorder owners (inc myself until recently). :rolleyes:


rdgrimes many people do not have any idea what disc will work for them and even larger companies like Verbatim can use different different dyes from time to time. If I buy a pack of DVDs and I am happy with them, then buy another pack a month later I would expect them to be the same. If there not they may be a waste of both my time and money. One of the worst companies for this (with a big name in UK) is Memorex and I will not buy their DVDs because I do not Know what I will get. They are losing out, therefore it would be better for them if I knew what dye their latest batch was.


As far as we know, MCC uses the same dye regardless of where the discs are made. In the case of DVD’s, there is little evidence that dye type has much of an impact on burn quality, it’s the combination of burner/firmware and disc that makes for success. So just stick with brands or suppliers that you trust, and that work for your drive. I do not count Verbatim as one of those, certainly not Memorex. Although, with the NEC burners, all of the Memorex suppliers work just great. Buying TY in bulk is a perfectly good solution. If enough people did this, sooner or later the brand names would notice.


I too have wondered if it wouldn’t benefit us all if they printed on the packaging who actually made the disk. I really can’t see a downside for buyers, but for sellers who change brands looking to dump the cheap crap at their normal prices this could be a problem.